Start the Octane FrankenPHP server


  • admin-host - The host the admin server should be available on Optional
  • admin-port - The port the admin server should be available on Optional
  • caddyfile - The path to the FrankenPHP Caddyfile file Optional
  • host - The IP address the server should bind to Optional
  • http-redirect - Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection (only enabled if --https is passed) Optional
  • https - Enable HTTPS, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3, and automatically generate and renew certificates Optional
  • log-level - Log messages at or above the specified log level Optional
  • max-requests - The number of requests to process before reloading the server Optional
  • poll - Use file system polling while watching in order to watch files over a network Optional
  • port - The port the server should be available on Optional
  • watch - Automatically reload the server when the application is modified Optional
  • workers - The number of workers that should be available to handle requests Optional
php artisan octane:frankenphp [--host [HOST]] [--port [PORT]] [--admin-host [ADMIN-HOST]] [--admin-port [ADMIN-PORT]] [--workers [WORKERS]] [--max-requests [MAX-REQUESTS]] [--caddyfile [CADDYFILE]] [--https] [--http-redirect] [--watch] [--poll] [--log-level [LOG-LEVEL]]