Run the application tests


  • compact - Indicates whether the compact printer should be used Optional
  • coverage - Indicates whether code coverage information should be collected Optional
  • drop-databases - Indicates if the test databases should be dropped Optional
  • min - Indicates the minimum threshold enforcement for code coverage Optional
  • parallel - Indicates if the tests should run in parallel Optional
  • profile - Lists top 10 slowest tests Optional
  • recreate-databases - Indicates if the test databases should be re-created Optional
  • without-databases - Indicates if database configuration should be performed Optional
  • without-tty - Disable output to TTY Optional
php artisan test [--without-tty] [--compact] [--coverage] [--min [MIN]] [-p|--parallel] [--profile] [--recreate-databases] [--drop-databases] [--without-databases]