Start a new supervisor


  • balance - The balancing strategy the supervisor should apply Optional
  • delay - Amount of time to delay failed jobs Optional
  • force - Force the worker to run even in maintenance mode Optional
  • max-processes - The maximum number of total workers to start Optional
  • memory - The memory limit in megabytes Optional
  • min-processes - The minimum number of workers to assign per queue Optional
  • nice - The process priority Optional
  • paused - Start the supervisor in a paused state Optional
  • queue - The names of the queues to work Optional
  • sleep - Number of seconds to sleep when no job is available Optional
  • timeout - The number of seconds a child process can run Optional
  • tries - Number of times to attempt a job before logging it failed Optional


  • name - The name of supervisor Required
  • connection - The name of the connection to work Required
php artisan horizon:supervisor [--balance [BALANCE]] [--delay [DELAY]] [--force] [--max-processes [MAX-PROCESSES]] [--min-processes [MIN-PROCESSES]] [--memory [MEMORY]] [--nice [NICE]] [--paused] [--queue [QUEUE]] [--sleep [SLEEP]] [--timeout [TIMEOUT]] [--tries [TRIES]] [--] <name> <connection>