Run the database migrations


  • database - The database connection to use Optional
  • force - Force the operation to run when in production Optional
  • isolated - Do not run the command if another instance of the command is already running Optional
  • path - The path(s) to the migrations files to be executed Optional
  • pretend - Dump the SQL queries that would be run Optional
  • realpath - Indicate any provided migration file paths are pre-resolved absolute paths Optional
  • schema-path - The path to a schema dump file Optional
  • seed - Indicates if the seed task should be re-run Optional
  • seeder - The class name of the root seeder Optional
  • step - Force the migrations to be run so they can be rolled back individually Optional
php artisan migrate [--database [DATABASE]] [--force] [--path [PATH]] [--realpath] [--schema-path [SCHEMA-PATH]] [--pretend] [--seed] [--seeder [SEEDER]] [--step] [--isolated [ISOLATED]]